My Polyvore Creations Brought To Life

Okay, so anyone who has used the free online site Polyvore, knows that you can create collages in pretty much anything you want. Fun stuff! I’ve made several mockups of outfits I have/wear, as well as interior design sets of my own rooms & such. So, I thought it would be fun to re-create my digital sets into actual, real photos, so that ppl can see that: 1) I’m not lying when I say it’s a mock-up😉 and 2) they can compare them & see how close I came in finding similar items🙂 I’ve only done the one today, so stay tuned for more (I just edit this post) …this is fun for me haha😉 –Geeze, the outfits look so squashed when laid out on the floor… it looks like someone melted! Also, the collages are made from memory, & some outfits I’ve actually put together digitally 1st, & wore later😉

In My Closet

link to set:

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My boots look more red in the photo than they actually are.

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Ohhh to have those long legs😉

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I tried to incorporate my cat, but she wasn’t havin’ it.

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The original bag has been retired.

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I just had company, so the extra seat is attached to the couch… Usually it is smaller. And we’ve updated our tv stand since making the set.

The fish were vacationing in each others sides when I took the photo ;P


Shoved the dishes together for the photo😉 Could not for the life of me find that damn decorative plate online, even though it’s still in stores. -Polyvore’s fantastic for wasting time😛